Has my project got corrupted?

I’ve been working on a 10mins project for 2 days now, and this morning when trying to export version 2 of this project the export-window kept on saying:
“Please change your naming scheme, as it does not provide unique names for the files”
Changing the naming scheme in all possible ways didn’t make this show-stopper disappear.

Opening a backup file worked seamless though…

Has my project got corrupted?
But why?

Any help welcome!
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Probably you are using batch export.
This means that you have two markers with the same name in the project, which conflicts.


Pffffffffew, thanks for your prompt reply Fredo,
you are right; though I wasn’t in “channel batch export”-mode, there were 2 cycle markers checked with identical names… 1 on top of the “export cycle marker”-list (clearly visible) and 1 somewhere deep down that list…

You saved me from a lot of frustration by helping me out so fast. Thanks again.

best, Niek.