Has realtime export disappeared in Cubase 5?

I can see “update display” but is it the same as realtime export, or is it all one and the same?

As far as I remember it’s there, unless you have some external instruments or FX then it’s grayed out.

It’s still called “real-time export”
Export Dialogue.PNG

OK, so what’s the point of “update display”?


From all appearances, update display does the same thing as real-time export, so is it now redundant?

P.S. I have my thinking cap on, which is why I asked the question…

Wishing that thinking cap brains has on is really an electric chair electrode. :mrgreen:

Also, it’s appending a 1 to the end of the exported filename, is this right?

No, it should be appending eleventy two. :wink: