Has Steinberg ever listened to community feedback?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I sometimes feel like we are all suggesting great features here but they never get acknowledged by Steinberg I feel like. They aren’t the most commutative company I feel like. Wait no, with Dorico it is perfect. That team is listening really carefully to the users. But with Cubase it sometimes feels like we are just screaming into a void.

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There are masses of suggestions. Some good, some not so good. If you made a suggestion but didn’t get lots of people agreeing then it may not be one that gets implemented.

That’s a really bad practice. I have found bugs in software where I was the only one reporting it at first. The noise around me was that I was “crazy” until others started finding the errors.

Bugs are not feature requests. They should be looked at and checked out. Of course they have to be reproducible. Some so called bugs are actually other hardware or user error.

The most obvious time for me, was when the new licensing was being developed and people asked for increased activation count and no requirement for 30 day check. And they responded.