Has the GUI lag finally been fixed in Cubase 9.5?

Not much to add to the question really, has the GUI lag been fixed?
I’m on a Mac, so Mac users with Cubase 9.5, please let me know!

I have not personally tested macOS, but both have gotten optimized waveform drawing and I can confirm Windows UI performance is a considerable improvement over C9.0, plus it will get better still.

I concur, runs smoother under Win10

Not had a lot of time to test it under Mac OS, but it seems to be running much smoother.

I’ve got a font display issue on the mixer meter level numbers - but that might be because i’m on El Capitan.

If they’re too big then it’s a known issue.

Didn’t have it on Cubase9 - whats it due to?

It’s not a C9.0 issue. The GUI has gotten overhauled.

For most of these little issues there’s not much to worry about, just some patience required.

I can confirm for me, that the GPU issues I was having are now fixed, I would get CPU spiked just making a selection or dragging an event… no issues now!..
also, I went 12 months without a single crash in cubase 9… Just wanted to throw that in there (I had the odd crash on loading but never during working)

Crazy how we keep our fingers crossed after updating…lmao
Our Butts get clenched… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hell yeah!!
I’m testing right now on my Macbook Pro 2017, 15 inch and all the mac lag are GONE!! It’s now VERY smooth. Zooming in and out in a project is VERY fast. Gonna test later on my studio computer (Hackintosh i7 running El Capitan).
Just this make this update worth!!
Thank you Steinberg!

I just tested on my Studio machine (Hackintosh, Elcapitan, GeForce GTX 950). Smooth as butter! :smiley: No more screen lags!

Good to see your feedback. Gonna buy this update tomorrow.

Far better here, so much so that I can comfortably move back to Cubase from Pro Tools. Excellent!

Absolutely huge improvement in speed for my feature-film-in-a-single-session workflow. Not to mention the automation update is great, no more “range tool + copy/paste, adjust selection, another copy/paste” workaround/macro to scale automation in a range.

Bravo Steinberg, this is by far the best Cubase update in years, to me just for these two things.

Definite improvment. No delay selecting tracks, lasooing clips, midi notes, and zooming. Windows opening swiftly.
There’s still a staggering playhead but generally much more snappy indeed on High Sierra. Good update.

I find it hard to accept that a Nuendo update has been released just days ago and there the fix is not included.

seems to be running very smooth here om Macbook Pro R / El Cap.

Nice job on this!