Has the preroll bug been fixed in 8.5?

The subject title says it all :slight_smile:

Has anyone checked this on 8.5?


Nope :frowning:

confirmed here too… :confused:

Please repost this as a bug on the forum and send me the link. Please provide your step by step procedure to produce the bug and I’ll send this directly to the Dev Team as they are in the stage of bug fixing 8.5 now.

It’s been reported since Cubase7

By the way, do you work for Steinberg or you just happen to have devTeam’s email?

Are you seriously telling me they haven’t heard about it? This problem has been around for years, and has been reported several times. Obviously it’s not a deal breaker but it’s extremely irritating, to me at least.

It’s the first I’ve heard of it but that’s not to say that Steinberg has not. I am part of the BETA team so I have access to report common bugs directly to the dev team. Your public forum posts also get seen by ever one in Steinberg so please continue to post. It helps to have someone like me giving the dev team step by step instructions so that we can test it and find a solution faster.

  1. Start Empty Proejct
  2. Set Tempo to 98 bpm
  3. Activate Pre-Roll and Set Pre- Roll too 2.0.0
  4. Save Project, Close Project
  5. Load Project
  6. Check Pre- Roll value
    Problem: The Pre- Roll value is still 2.1.95

Can you Confirm?
I entered this repro in the issues Forum here.

Do you have any other repros?
We will investigate.


That’s it!

The preroll number will only reload correctly if the tempo is 120bpm.

is the pre roll now irrelavant … with the puch in out within thr cycle marker??
work around set left locater to 2 bars before punch in
just a thought

That’s how I do it now, no more preroll for me.
But if it is here to stay it better get a fix.

hi guys, here is how i fixed the annoying pre roll problem.
put mouse curser between pre roll activate and tempo track activate on transport bar
and it will turn into a horizontal arrow then you can pull them apart, then it reveals
the area where you can enter the pre roll amount.
thanks for hiding it steinberg !

You saved my day – THANKS!
It´s the same in 9.5