Has the Project Time Position Slider been removed

Hi all, since upgrading to 9.5 on OSX 10.12 I cannot find the Project Time Position Slider on the Transport Bar. I’ve tried hovering above the buttons, but no joy. Has this feature been taken out, or am I just missing something really obvious?


I cannot find it too, yes it seems it has been removed.

Thanks for replying Martin. I’m hoping its not completely removed and that it can still be accessed. I have vague recollections of not being able to find the Time Position Slider on a previous update (possibly 7?), but managing to get it back in the end - but my memory is not good enough to remember exactly what happened.
Anyone else experienced this?

Go to top right where Left, Lower and right Zones are selected. Click the drop down arrow just to the right of that and click in the Overview Line box. Up top you will now have the similar thing you are looking for

Thanks Shanabit, but for me the Overview Line doesn’t function as well as the Project Time Position Slider. Its massive, and doesn’t move the playhead position, so you then have to do an additional mouse click (AFAIK). I’m used to simply clicking immediately in the Transport Bar to move to another part of the song that doesn’t have a Marker set to it.

Your feature is GONE, there ya go

I’ve not used the transport slider in almost 10 years. Just press Shift + P to set the project cursor position. You can also drag the number up and down.

If you take the mouse and hover over the time display and use the right and left arrows you can increase or decrease by whatever number you are currently hovered over