Has this app been abandoned?

I logged on to see if anyone else had the colors not matching Cubase colors issue, among other things, and HOLY CRAP. This has been going on for TWO YEARS and Steinberg hasn’t addressed it?? Not even acknowledged? Steinberg, the Avid Control app is LIGHT YEARS beyond your app. What are you doing??? Really disappointing.

basically yes - abandonware

have you checked out the (Free) avid control app

much much better

Yup, I’ve been using the Avid Control app for a few days now. There are some things I do wish would integrate better though, which is why I had hopes that Cubase IC Pro was still being worked on. For instance, but the Avid Control app not allow any metering for MIDI channels? All audio and instrument channels displays meters, but not MIDI.

Steinberg recently added a page for Cubase IC Pro on their “new” website, so hopefully updating it is in their pipeline.

That is encouraging.

So Steinberg: What is going on with iCPro?

wish they go also for android and further develop IC Pro feature wise.
while some other DAW companies make Free aps for their DAW
steinberg unfurtantly dont further develop their own paid tablet controller !
hope this will change

I think Cubase IC is way more useful than Cubasis.
If I already have a Cubase License, I’m not gonna pay $60 for another separate and limited iteration of Cubase on my android phone.

What I WOULD pay for, is an app that allows me to control Cubase remotely (Cubase IC Pro).
I loved the assignable pads, they made mixing way simpler to navigate between markers above #9. (I know you can achieve this with key commands, but having a touch screen offers superior functionality and flexibility)

Having already paid for it, if I thought it would provoke a fix to the colour synchronisation issue, I think I’d even be prepared to pay again (and I’m generally quite tight).

Love Cubase and Dorico, but Steinberg’s asleep at the wheel on this.

Yes, this has gone on way too long. Steinberg needs to address this. Your competitors are giving this away for free and they work better than your PAID app. If you’re going to abandon IC Pro you should’t be charging money for it.

They never answere on this forum anymore either, so I think this app is finished. But luckily we have Avid controler.

Is this app supported by latest Cubase Pro 10.5 at all? It hasn’t been updated since Jul 26, 2017. Anyone had any success with recent Cubase and this app. The app description mentions Cubase Pro 8.5/Pro 9 only. I don’t want spend money on it to learn it does not work at all.

It’s a dead app but I rolled the dice and bought it anyway. It is currently working with Cubase Pro 10.5. The only problem I’m hitting is it will sometimes lose connectivity with Cubase, requiring a restart to connect again.

Works on Nuendo 10.

However in the Nuendo forum. The Avid Eucon thread (and problems with it ) is second in views only to requests for Ripple Editing! There’s a demand out there for remote control … you’d think SB would jump in. Perhaps a MINI Nuage (hardware) , but DEFINITELY a pad based app that is a bit more comprehensive than icPro … and supported!!!