Has this update stolen al the Mackie control setp ups?

Since update, I can no longer see my Mackie connected devices in Studio Set up. They still work but I can’t see their settings or alter them.
I know Steinberg have a very foolish idea of getting rid of these set ups and replacing them with their not working here MIDI Remote Manager.
Clearly the MIDI remote manager can’t handle all keyboards. It does not even handle the top of the line MIDI keyboards like my Arturia 88 Mk II. The Steinberg list of supported keyboards is tiny and surely we need the ability to support legacy keyboards???
What is going on?


I have some existing Mackie devices plugged in to my PC (C12W11). I can no longer see them in studio set up. Your MIDI remote manager does NOT work with hundreds of devices including the most up to date cutting edge keyboards such as my Arturia 88 MkII, and also custom devices made by small manufacturers and legacy devices. Your list of supported keyboard is tiny in comparison to the number of keyboards on the market.
I can unerstand you wanting ot improve the current MIDI device set up to a more friendly GUI, but PLEASE to not declare war on legacy devices! I have heard rumours you intend to ditch the old Mackie and legacy set ups. PLEASE, do NOT do this!

The new MIDI Remote API and editor is a replacement for the GENERIC REMOTE. It can work with almost any MIDI device, even your phone. Your keyboard doesn’t need to be “supported” to work with it.

I don’t know why your devices aren’t showing up in Studio Setup, but you can probably simply re-add them by clicking the Add Device button to the top left. Support for Mackie devices has obviously not been removed.

Your post is filled with hyperbole and misinformation about topics where information is readily available. Please consider your conduct when posting to the forum.

Mackie is working fine and not deprecated by Steinberg.
Steinberg rarely have foolish ideas because they listen to customers who provide fair and reasonable feedback. Mistakes are made of course, even those they seek to rectify.
There are no rumors regarding Generic Remote and MIDI Remote. There are very clearly articulated statements, including in Cubase 12 under Generic Remote itself which you can read and state without need for speculation.
Midi remote has a few limitations at this early stage which means it is not a direct replacement yet for either Generic Remote (which is being deprecated) or Mackie (which isn’t being deprecated) over which it is a significant improvement - even now with the limitations.

If your Mackie controller isn’t working it is most likely something related to your machines setup - at least that should be checked prior to posting a message with no information about your system and what may have changed. There are many of this forum both Steinberg and Users who would happily assist if actual information is provided.

If your keyboard isn’t working with Midi Remote and you would like it to be doing so, then a separate post tagged Midi Remote and subject - Newbie getting started with Midi Remote - please help - will probably get you a lot of help. Like Generic Remote, midi remote requires configuration.

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I also meant to ask - “Which update?” Are you referring too.
Have you tried undoing the update? Which is simple enough to do by just running the older installer and selecting re-install.

Woooow , Zero Zero is asking a question and i think it is very relative considering the mount of hardware controllers that are being broken in the process of introducing this primitive nonse/ workflow breaker and by the way i think you need to think how you conduct yourself Chap !

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Ahh yes, another of the hyperbole folk - Cubase 12.0.52 maintenance update available - #8 by FilterFreq

Ohhh look , someone who considers himself important . You don’t know my system , nor anyone else’s and if we have had systems running perfectly for a long time and some new toy gets introduced and causing issues with these setups then … especially when Steinberg even drops support a month before the controllers start having issues buddy .
Wind your neck in

What a hilarious condescending post. Perhaps you might like to find a working script for my Arturia MkII as you seem to know it all. Thank you for your instruction, indeed I am a newbie, it’s only 29 years I have been using this product. I really appreciate your lecture. BTW I actually said I could not SEE my existing Mackie devices, not that they were not working.