Has Unmix Stems in V8 been improved?


i’ve been using Sp7 in paralell with iZotope Rx9 last year a lot for creating stems from full mixes
( creative sound design, restoration, sampling… )

Apart from restoration, i’m not looking for perfect results, because the sound material will be re-used with effects etc… just something musically usable.

and 80% of the time, even with more limitations ( no sensitivity adjustement, and 1 layer less ) Rx9 results where the one i used because the where better separated, less artefacts, better transients etc…

So before upgrading, i wanted to know if the unmix stem algorythm has been improved ?

The rest of the software is incredible tho, it does stuff impossible to do any other way :wink:

I suppose you mean RX8? SL7/8 and RX8 use the same AI model, so you’ll get similar separation in all cases. The tools to finish the job and fix artefacts have been improved in SL8 though.
Also don’t forget you can further separate instruments in components in SL, to further refine the separation.

Thanks for your answer,
yes my bad, i mean rx 8

So i suppose from your response that no improvement where made to the “unmix stem” function in SL 8

SL7/8 and RX8 use the same AI model, so you’ll get similar separation in all cases.

maybe, but definetly, results are NOT similar in my use cases,
maybe SL algo need some more training / mentoring ?
i would be happy to provide some material for you to test if that can help improve the software

Just this morning i was trying to extract a flute from a jazz track with piano / bass / drums, RX does it right, SL got the flutes spreads in vocal & other ( and lighltly in an other layers, but can’t remember right now), and the drums transients where less preserved
i tried 5 differents combination of settings, but can’t get the flute to be properly separated has it was in RX

the bass is usually better separated in RX, attack sound musical and very less artefact from other instruments, it strikes me from my very first tests with the two.

i also have less bleeding in the drum parts in RX ( without tweaking )
in SL i can raise the sensitivity, but usually the point where i get better transients ( usually the low end need this tweaking - kick transients ) is the point where it starts picking up too much of other instruments transients in the high end

For the moment i’m not fluent with SL, so removing those high end artefacts, took me hours when i tried ( for the sake of trying )…

BTW, as requested before, a “preview” feature would really help get the right settings faster ( especially when working with a few minutes long files ) before “unmixing”

@Joey_Kapish i got it right with RX, thanks

nice to meet you !
i own a studio, where we do mostly sound design and music for commercials, shows & events ( video mappings, dance shows, dance companies … )

if you have public exemples of your skills i would like to hear them,