Has UR series audio interface drop ours been solved?

Im thinking of buying the UR22 KM2 but noticed there have been complaints from various sites and sources about audio drop outs, has this issue now been solved?

Is everyone effected or just some users?

My hardware is ASUS Z370 motherbaord with 16gb ram, windows 10?

This is definitely not happening to everyone. A new driver version was released a few months ago, which should have fixed the issue for almost everyone affected.

Hello, thanks for the reply, can you tell me which driver and firmware has fixed this issue?

The latest, 1.10.0, but previous versions also made small changes that made them go away for some people.

1.10.0 completely cured my problems. Very stable now, very happy camper.

Thanks for the info and confirmation

Just thought I would also mention that I can’t remember a single dropout since installing the new driver. I was not having them frequently before… Only occasionally getting the dropouts before whereas some stated they were having many of them but I haven’t seen much discussion about it since the new driver was released. So it does seem to be fixed.

Thanks for the feedback.

I noted there are 2 models that are very alike or practcally the same UR242 and UR22 Mk2. What are the diffrences between them as I find they look the same?

You can compare models here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/audio_interfaces/ur_series/models.html

The UR242 features 2 additional inputs in the back and two “pad” switches in the front (allowing you to record very loud instruments and line level devices without clipping). It also features internal DSP capabilities and offers more advanced, latency-free monitoring.

You can read more about the UR242’s DSP capabilities and monitoring features here:

In my case (asus z97 chipset) problem didn’t solved even with latest driver. I still have audio drop out issues. :confused:
Btw, my UR824 works perfectly on any other computer.

the driver didn’t fix this issue with me. Still drops audio, but somehow, it’s even more frequent than before.

After almost 2 years of drop outs, I finally updated my motherboard and processor and am pleased to say I did not have to tweak almost anything to get good performance on my UR824.

Before: X99 board with 6 core 5820K 32 gig memory, Nvidia graphics. drop outs almost constantly, disabled Hyperthreading, C states, power always on, finally helped by Nvidia power tweak fix and v 1.10.0 driver. Still occasionally temperamental and ran hot.

After. Z370 board with 6 core 8700K, same memory as above, same graphics. v1.10.0 driver, power set to always on. No problems whatsoever. Even OCed the chip to 4.8 per core and its sweet as can be, eats VSTi’s for breakfast… :slight_smile:

Hard to admit but somewhere along the line my last build did just not work for audio, I should have been a beast but between the UR driver problems and the hardware it was a just a disaster.

Different matter this time… Interface working perfectly and at very low latencys, finally…

We have released a new driver for Windows that should work better on those systems still suffering from drop-outs:

Same here on a Dell OptiPlex 3050. The interval between drops seems shorter than with 1.10.0.

Has anybody solved the problem of dropouts by BIOS updating?

Sorry the same here with Asus Z170-A with the last bios and Win10 (with all availible updates).
Every 1-2 minutes short dropouts, same procedere like the older drivers. :frowning:
All other interfaces works flawless. HD Rig and the RME 9632 or the old focosrite

Which driver version exactly do you use?

Hi Ed Doll,

i use the 1.10.1driver
but yesterday i changed bios version from the board because i had seen that another one has come in may2018 my version was from 1/2018 . So now it seems the dropouts are gone.Great i hope the problem was solved now.

Just in case it helps someone looking…
I did start getting some dropouts after a recent Windows Update (can’t remember that last dropout prior to that) and the new driver 1.10.1 fixed it for my system also.