Has VariAudio Lost High Quality Flattening in C6?

As I remember it, in Cubase 5 when you selected ‘Flatten’ after the end of a VariAudio voice fixing session, you could select the (fairly) high quality Mpex Poly algorithm to flatten your work.

I tried to do this in Cubase 6 and seemed to only have the ‘Realtime’ algorithm available, which presumably doesn’t sound as good as Elastique Pro.

Can’t you use the Elastique algorithms to flatten vari-audio work with a higher quality? Has C6 lost functionality? Do I have to go back to Melodyne?

Anyone know?



Actually I just double checked and see that only Realtime is available in C5 too.

Can this be true? There’s no high quality way to render your VariAudio work? If so it’s not really reliable enough to use on a serious project.

Or is it?



Lots of posts about this already.
The algo depends on how much you have stretched the audio.
Do a search for “MPEX”.