???HASE content when up-grading to HalionSonic

Aloha guys,

I have been using HASE for a while and would now like to up-grade to the full

My question is:
After installing the full HalionSonic will songs I have
that currently use HASE still play properly?

I ask this because after going thru the ‘Content’ list of HalionSonic at the
MySteinberg site, I could not find the names to any of the sounds I currently use with HASE.

I’m hoping I will not have to ‘re-load’ each song with new content.
I have over 500 songs all using HASE only.

TIA for any info.

Assumption: HASE = Halion Sonic SE

Halion Sonic SE doesn’t upgrade into Haion Sonic, nor does it disappear when you install Halion Sonic.

They’ll appear as separate instruments.

Thanks so much for the info Shinta.

Seems that since I already own the HalionPlayer plug-in I can get HalionSonic
at a much cheaper price than buying it outright.

To me this was some sort of up-grade/up-date path.

Now that I know they are two separate products I am more apt
to ‘pull the trigger’

Tanx again for that info. HalionSonic here I come!

Sending much Aloha

You’re gonna love HalionSonic, it is simply one of the most underrated VI’s out there. The ‘NaturalGrand’ patch puts many dedicated libraries to shame, and it alone is worth the price of admission. Here’s what I think about it: http://mennodeboer.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/steinberg-halionsonic/

I also upgraded from HalionPlayer and I like the fact that I can continue to use both concurrently on the same license.

Aloha z and thanks for the post.

Looking forward to HSonic and will post back here any relevant thoughts.

I cannot get HalionPlayer to work anymore and I believe it is
because I am now 64 bit everywhere. ('puter,OS,Cubase)

Tanx again,