Have 2 CMC-FD faders to sell

Santa brought me an X-Touch controller this year. :smiley:

Which means I don’t need the two CMC-FD fader units I have. Two of them gives you 8 faders total. Steinberg doesn’t make these anymore, so they are hard to come by. If you are interested PM me. I’m guessing shipping outside the US would be prohibitive.

As do I. 2 of them.



PM sent.

Just wondering, isn’t it frustrating that the X-touch (i.e. it’s features) isn’t fully compatible with Cubase?
I understand the time-counter display doesn’t work at all - in either mode.

No it works fine. They issued a firmware update pretty soon after the issue was ID’ed that fixed it, even though the problem is caused by Steinberg not following the protocol 100%.

My 2 units are spoken for. But Hugh has two too.

Yes, I do.