Have a flexible amount of Track Quick Controls (more than 8)

I like to use Track Quick Controls, but 8 controls is a low number. There’s no real reason it should be that restricted. From a UI sense it would just require a way to scroll through the list.

Most VSTs are better covered with 16-32 assignable controls. As for controllers, 8 isn’t enough to make full use of a relatively small controller like this:

Better yet, at least IMHO:

  1. Implement multiple pages in track qc, as already available in VST qc.
  2. add a controller lane to device setup -> track qc and VST qc, in order to either directly jump to a page via MIDI CC (relative flag unset) or step backwards/forwards through pages (relative flag set)
  3. add an additional device “focused plugin qc”, same setup as track/VST qc, which always controls the currently focused/active plugin window
  4. maybe allow for more than one “focused plugin qc” device, and add a dropdown-Menu to the plugins windows (where the preset chooser resides), to assign each plugin to one “focused plugin qc” device. Specify ONE such device as default for new plugin instances

Good ideas, I added them to the post.

Very much hoping for more Track QCs as well. I get why there’s only 8 insert and send slots on a track, but Track QuickControls don’t have the same compatibility needs, and adding a whole bunch shouldn’t screw anything up.

Fully agree for this improvement. It’s poor to only have 8 quick controls.