Have an e-licenser but no cubase installer


I originally purchased cubase 7 and then upgraded to cubase 7.5, so my e-licenser contains a cubase 7.5 license, i have 2 computers and i want to install it in the second computer, but the installation disc that came with my cubase is for 7 and my license is 7.5,

Is there a way i can download the installer for cubase 7.5 and instal that instead of having to install cubase 7 and then the upgrade?

Also considering upgrading to cubase 8 in my main computer, so would like to be able to install cubase 8 on my second computer without having to install previous versions and then upgrades

Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

Create an account at steinberg.net and register your dongle- you will be able to download the installers. Cubase 8 has its own installer, no previous install is necessary.