Have any of you guitarists used TheTubeStore.com?

At some point, I’m going to want to swap out the stock tubes in my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for something a bit more “colorful” (pun definitely intended).

I’m sure the tubes will need to have their bias adjusted as well. I’m wondering if I need an amp specialist or if any general musician repair shop will do since this is a fairly standard process.

I recently used Doug’s tubes. A+ In Service

Hello Tom,

Is that the same guy as Uncle Doug on YouTube? He has video monologues on vintage guitar amps.

I know this is unusual, I am still using the stock tubes in my 1967 Princeton Reverb. I’m sure they are getting soft but they are the original

I really don’t know. I will say that when I called to order tubes we talked for over an hour about all things tube, audio, industry and life. Great guy. I’m sure he would be similar to anyone else who called. He is a wealth of info and it could be him on YouTube.

Prinston reverb eh? :slight_smile: That’s a great little amp. I had one for a while. It was the only fender amp I have ever had. Don’t change a thing if you like it! But, if you are looking to refresh it, I would call someone like Doug to help you make a selection of new tubes if you weren’t sure what to get.

Doug = 516 area code = Long Island. I wonder if he could also install the tubes and do the bias adjustment too. I could drop off the amp in the morning, spend time with my oldest daughter, then pick up the amp before coming home. :smiley:

HA! I don’t think so, but ya never know and if not, he will have a shop to refer you to.

Before I “LIKED” his Facebook page, it showed amp repair shops near him in NY Redirecting....


I’ve purchased tubes from thetubestore.com a few times and changed the tubes on my Marshall JVM210C. Never had a problem and they offer tubes at a very fair price. You should have the bias checked if replacing the power tubes. I checked and adjusted the bias myself on my JVM (which is a much more difficult procedure than on your Fender) but if you are going to check/adjust the bias yourself be VERY careful as noted in this instructional video. Very dangerous (we are talking death here) if you touch the wrong thing. If you are not comfortable messing with very high voltage electricity… just have an amp tech do it and be done with it. It’s not that expensive. My guess is that an amp tech would charge somewhere around $50- $75 in the USA.

Do you HAVE TO check the bias after replacing the power tubes… no, but I would.

Here is a link:

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I use these guys and gals.

Never had a problem with them. Plus they’re local. I can order then pick it up next day at their will call window or have it shipped and get it USPS two days later. The tubes are always well packed.

I’m starting to get a little nuts about my Peavey Classic 30. I swap out out the first pre amp tube depending on what I want to play. 5751 for Jazz or 12AX7 for blues or rock. The C30 is fixed bias so I don’t adjust it.

Yeah, I’m trying to avoid dying here. But I’m not sure if the tubes that are part of the amp replacement package are power tubes or not. This is my first time dealing with tubes at all - I knew I should have paid more attention to my father when I was 6 years old :mrgreen: - so I’m completely ignorant.

It seems that the 6L6GC are the power tubes in the package. Ok, when I’m ready to do this I’ll have them rebiased.

Good idea. :wink:

Good. Please report back what the approximate cost was if/when you have it done. Thanks.

BTW… cool song you posted on that mic’d amp thread.

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Will do. :smiley:

Thanks. Considering it was on the harder side and yet I played it through the Fender amp with stock tubes, I’m pretty happy with the overall sound. Glyn will add another layer of sonic oomph after he does the vocals. Then I’ll do a proper mixing and my rudimentary mastering, and hopefully it should sound much better than it does now.

Cool. I’ll look and comment on the other thread when you do. :slight_smile:

Your guitar playing is fine. I wish I could still play that well. My fingers are so goofed up I now call myself “slowhand”. And not cause I play like Clapton. Blah.

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Truly not wishing to hijack any thread but this seems Like a good place for this.

Tom, this is one of his video discussions and while your description of him seemed to fit in, check this out
Larry, if he’s that easy to get to, I think you’d have found a real pro