Have anybody upgraded from Cubase Pro 8.5 to v. 12?

I want to buy a upgrade Cubase Pro 8.5 to version 12. Have anybody tried this and did it work?

I saw a blogpost that this was possible but I could not figure out the details:
1). Do I need to keep my eLicenser usb dongle afther the upgrade or can I finaly get ridd of it?
2.) What upgrade package works for v. 8.5 → v. 12? (the Cubase online store is currently closed down so I need to find it my self from a 3rd party online store).

Hi @eror

Thanks for your message, which has been posted to the wrong forum unfortunately. Here we discuss all things Cubasis (our mobile DAW for iOS and Android).


Hi - I did last year… or maybe the year before. Life is a blur haha…

Anyway - I upgraded from 8.5 or maybe 9 something… I recall the upgrade $ was the same for any version back to 6… it’s probably the same for you now.

Slightly possible that there’s a “blackFriday” sale approaching… I remember I paid something like AU$150 for the CBase 12 pPro upgrade from 8.5/9 (and wouldn’ve been the same for 6)

For Dongle - you keep it if you like… C12 doesn’t need it as long as youre happy to be online (even if only occasionally), but I keep the dingle plugged in as I use old Cubase installs right back to 6 for old projects that might pop back up (old VST plugs; 32 bit; etc.)… It won’t hurt to keep the dongle and an old install if you have any reasonable HDD space… If you have nothing you’ll miss from previous versions, then it’s of no real use (AFAIK).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you the verification jbam. Just wantet to verified it worked ok to do the upgrade and that there was a added benefit of not needing to cary around the old dongle :smiley:

Sorry for posting on the wrong forum Lars.