Have been using PT 9 a lot for my current project...

I also use pt 8 and c6 at my place. As far as importing cant you just save session templates and track presets? I have never experienced any problems with the screen though so i cant add much to that regard. Saving also is a none issue. I do like pt’s punch recording a lot better though and the ability to create a new “take” on the individual channel is nice (i suppose you can do the same in cubase but not the same way). I like each program for different things personally.

I am trying to get this to happen on my system but it does not.

Does this happen with just 1 audio track drawing the waveforms? Any screenshot or youtube clip so I can see this too.

Could it be dx vs opengl type of issue with dated video card?


I too have both Cubase 6 and ProTools installed.

Both good software

well lets face it, the ultimate daw could be made by taking all the best bits from all the daws and combining them into one super daw.

Or more likely, the slow evolution of daws will eventually lead to them all being the same.

We are using PT HD with Procontrol and extensions. And Cubendo, of course.
in my opionin cubase is better equipped and faster in workflow (if you use shortcuts e.g.).
but I like the PT mixer with it´s one-view and grouping features a lot!!!
well, we need something like this in cubase. no discussion.

Well said, and I agree with you 100%.

I like PT ability to feedback into it’s own send effect for true dub style delay etc…
A possible feature request methinks

I also like PTs , Sonars and Logics one view in the mixer. I dislike having to select to veiw either inserts or sends. Extra
Mouse clicks.