Have Chord Track and transpose ignore KeySwitch notes

when I use transpose it transposes “control notes” like keyswitch notes etc.
is there a way to have Cubase transpose button ignore those keyswitch notes ?
same thing with Chord Track.
is there a way to have Cubase chord track button ignore those keyswitch notes ?

I assume you are entering your Keyswitches as MIDI Notes in a MIDI Part. In this case transposing a Part will transpose every note within that Part like you are seeing - including the notes that act as keyswitches.

If however you setup an Expression Map to generate the Keyswitches then they will not transpose. This is because inside your MIDI Part no Keyswitch Note is saved so there is nothing to transpose. Instead of a MIDI Note you have Expression Map data (which if you look in the List Editor you will find is text) which also is not subject to being transposed. Now in the end the Map will send out the appropriate MIDI Note for the switch. But that note is stored in the map and not your MIDI Part. So it is safe from being transposed.

thank you. never thought expression maps might work for this.
now just gotta figure out how to “integrate” expression maps with VirtualGuitarist2 and Kontakt

Ask around, someone on here may well have already built one. In Kontakt you’ll typically need different maps for different Kontakt Instruments since they are dependent on the actual Kontakt Instrument implementation and not the Kontakt Platform.

What Kontakt maps do you need?