Have Cubase 7 license, how to get 6.5?

I upgraded from Cubase 5 to 7, and would like also to run (32bit/win) 6.5 in an older laptop. Obviously I have not got the 6.5 media.

What is Steinbergs policy regarding lower versions, are the necessary installation files available by request? There seems to be only updates ftp.steinberg.net.

I have sent a couple of requests through MySteinberg, the first a week ago, no answer.

This download still seems to work.


Trial version should run as full on your C7 licence, just add the latest update.

Problem solved. Steinberg support kindly sent me a link to 6.5. installation disk image. Thanks!

Can post the link please.

I’m interested in using 6.5 too…

I also upgraded from 5 to 7 and was wondering if your eLicenser needs a serial on it specifically for 6.5 or does 7 have backwards compatibility for older versions?


Hi guys,

Steinberg obviously has a certain policy here that I don’t want to interfere with. Contact SB support and you should have no problems of getting the files.

If your dongle has higher version of Cubase, you can run also lower versions with it.

If they offered an easily available version of C6.5, they would lose half their beta testers for C7 :laughing:

Can you tell me how big the download was?

Also, Does anyone know if I can use one of my clients 6.5 install disc if my elicense is up to CB7 ?

I’m in the same situation as the OP but on a mac.
I’m running a MBP core2 duo with 10.6.8 and it’s extremely stable with a ton of my software so I don’t want to upgrade my system yet. I’d gladly pay for the update to 7 if I knew I could run the latest version that was built for my computer and OS.


Thanks for nothing, hope I can help you out one day.

The only thing that matters is having a license on your USB key.

Almost 8 GB, most of it being VST sound files.