Have Cubase Got My Order wrong?

Hi - new to this forum

Currently using Cubase 5

Just ordered the Cubase 6 upgrade listed in the shop as from C4 or 5

Now received shipping advice that they are sending me the upgrade from cubase 4 or 1 !?!!

Hopefully this is just a mistake and I’m actually getting an upgrade I can use from C5. Anyone else had the same experience? Should I worry that I’m getting the wrong product? Obviously I don’t expect Steinberg to actually answer the enquiry I sent to them about this since they have never replied to any of my enquiries to date… :wink:

This is what mine said;

Cubase 6 Update from Cubase 4 or Cubase 1

The product that arrived was C6 update from C4 and C5. All ok, no mistakes. Was a bit disconcerting tho!

Sigh of relief! Lol. Thanks very much for that reassurance Sturgeon! :slight_smile:

No prob,