Have Hitpoint processes changed in Cubase 12

When I select Audio menu hitpoint option I have 5 options to select fro although the first option “calculate Hitpoints” is greyed.

If I select an option I recall you used to get panel open on the left hand side allowing you to set parameters for the hit points ie “Threshold” where you can reduce or increase the number of hit points detected.

I don’t see this panel now in Cubase 12 so wondering if this is a change to how they work or whether I have a bug or a setting not defined correctly to display that panel.

My Editor Inspector window panel is empty, shows no options.

Can anyone advise? What do you see in Cubase 12?


Hello Dave,
it might be helpful to see what it looks like on your screen.

I may have solved now. It appears I have to access the editor inspector window first after importing the audio file when hit points are automatically created. Then I see the Hitpoit editor options to adjust. I was looking at the window after I had selected create splits from hit points, at which point I assume editing hitpoints is not an option, so blank inspector window.
Need a little bit more reading up on hit points.

Thanks Johnny for trying to assist.


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Just for anyone else with issues…I just executed ‘Delete all hitpoints’ and redid them…all good. I couldnt see any in the editor but after I did that everything is functioning