have i been robbed?

I purchased the discounted upgrade from 9.5 to 10 in May last year. Not having space for a 20gig + download at the time i shelved it, but now im locked down ive got more time and have made space for it. I am ready to go - however Cubase 10 isn’t showing under ‘my products’ on steinberg.net

It is currently downloading in ‘Steinberg download assistant’, but im sure it used to show in ‘my products’ too - once its downloaded i dont want to have any issues licencing the install. have i been robbed, or am i missing something here?

Transaction proof below

16 May 2019 POS 4995 15MAY19 , PAYPAL *ASKNET AG , 35314369001 GB - 42.00

did you use the activation code? in the eLicenser. is it a pro or artist version and do you have the dongle attached?
you must activate via eLicenser, then run maintance, preferred as administrator (on windows). and you must register it, don’t know, bought more products from steinberg directly, (when i do it install something i now how to handle, at other times that part of my memory seems to be locked…) but maintance (wrong spelling) does the trick. or when you start cubase. in cubase there is also an option, for registering.

if i am reading right you entered the activation code. the eLicenser (dongle) is your proof of owning the license. the registering is only for, when dongle fails, or for elements to-reactivate. so it is certainly important. double proof.

I cant actually remember if i used the activation code in elicencer.

Please remind me - elicencer is a separate piece of software from the download assistant, right?

It is a pro version and the dongle is attached

“Have I been robbed”
Can it get even more dramatic…:roll_eyes:
If you had downloaded the update license then it will show in your mySteinberg account. If not (which is what I suppose), it won’t. If you had registered and it doesn’t show it certainly can be solved, and no one robbed you… :unamused:

Then open the eLicenser control center and have a look :unamused:

tbh it was click bait to get quick replies, thanks btw.

Ive had a look in elicencer and it appears to only have a licence for 9.5

Do Steinberg email you an activation code on purchase? (i cant remember the process)

they send you an activation code. (and archive it, i do…)

You should have received the activation code via e-mail, indeed.
If you cannot find it, please contact Asknet (now NEXWAY) or Steinberg Support, they can both retrieve it.

Should the process be slower than expected, you can also get a C10.5 trial and run Cubase with it for 30 days.
Once you activate the code, you’ll get a C10.5 license (instead of C10) due to the Grace Period.

Ok, i found activation code, inputted it and it upgraded me to 10.5 for free because of a grace period or something : )

Apologies for the clickbait, it appears that i haven’t actually been robbed.

I also upgraded to Komplete 12 last year too, but haven’t dared install it, hopefully they haven’t robbed me.