Have I Missed A Communication From Steinberg

Please correct me if I’m wrong about this but I have not seen an update from Steinberg about the Cubase 7.5.30 crash issue. None, nada, nothing… except the original statement (issued on 09/16/2014) that listed the workaround to shut off the hub.

Sorry but, IMO that’s pretty lame. :unamused:

Steinberg needs to hire a new PR person who can type and issue a periodic communication about this. Might be me but, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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Thing is: it’s the top news item on the hub. You see it every time you start Cubase…unless you don’t have the hub on, in which case you don’t have the problem!

I had the problem so to get rid of it I turned off the hub as Steinberg suggested almost 4 weeks ago. I never even used the left side of the hub because the listings there were rarely updated (mmm, maybe another example of the lack of Steinberg’s communication skills?) but, I did like to be greeted by the right side of the hub which shown a list of my recent projects and the tab to my templates.

So, for now my hub is unavailable. Maybe it is gone forever. Maybe we will get an update soon and the issue will be fixed. But then again, maybe not. My point… I hate being kept in the dark about a bug that is now on my software. Steinberg must be working this issue so why are they keeping the plan (progress, target date, timeline, whatever they call it) to themselves? Cubase is one of their flagship products. I would think that they would want to keep their customers updated with a quick weekly communication. Anyway, I think they should.

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I strongly agree here about Steinberg having a major issue with there public communications; specialy with there customers. Every time I had to contact Steinberg I consider all replies I received from there support as if they are doing everything for not to give you an answer. From my experience, I have either been answered that they forwarded issues to developement team, sent a feature request to developement team or that if I wanted help to ask in the forum (IC Pro that was). But whatever they tell you about forwarding to developement team, guarantee that there is never any follow up… Plain unacceptable way to treat “loyal” customers. The least to do is to keep them informed when they have issues…(with the software I mean!!!) I am too, a victim of that SB Hub bug and I start to wonder if the fix gonna be to pay extra cash for the next C8 upgrade… But even that they won’t tell when it’s going to be!!!

Just to make things straight: the crash is not introduced by the 7.5.30 update. It is related to the Windows update released on the 9th of September and it affects all versions of Cubase and Nuendo using the Steinberg Hub.
To my knowledge, the issue should be solved with the next Microsoft update.

Which could be around about… today… (usual monthly, Tues, MS updates) :wink:


And just to make my point clear: why didn’t someone at Steinberg quickly mention what you just communicated in your last sentence before I posted this topic?

A quick communication in the topic thread such as: Update: We have been working with Microsoft and it is believed the issue should be solved in an upcoming (next, we hope) MS update.

Periodic communication, especially on an issue as pervasive as this one, is the right thing to do. :wink:

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Because we didn’t know before. And frankly speaking, until a solution is not tested it is completely useless to communicate.

:astonished: Interesting answer which speaks to my point exactly.

I guess we have differing opinions on the topic of communication.

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Just think about what will happen if you read the statement “This is solved with XYZ” and then the issue persists.
You’ll get the point.

There are also relations with other companies, NDA, etc. It is not as easy as “just let them know”.
Lastly, chiming in to give you the information as soon as I learned it myself led to polemics - communication is a double-edged sword.

I agree with you that there would be a problem if you (Steinberg) issued a statement that said “This is solved with XYZ” and it wasn’t. But, giving no update for a month is, IMO, almost as bad…

Posting an update in the forum topic (not in the Knowledge Base article) every few weeks such as: “We have continued working with Microsoft and the possible solution is currently undergoing quality testing.” is, to me, a good thing and shows customers that the issue is being worked and progress is being made.

Seriously, an informed customer is a valued customer and companies that provide this level of communication are recognized for their world class customer support and ultimately attract more valued customers.

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Look, the statement “We are currently investigating and try to find a solution together with Microsoft as soon as possible” is printed in the kb article. It’s also not a show-stopper because there is a proven and simple workaround. This just seems pointlessly aggressive at this point - you should see what’s going on with other products - update breaks everything (Avid, Apple, et al) :unamused: I don’t want to feed the trolls here, but seriously, this is not a nuclear meltdown…everyone take a deep breath…ooooohhhhhhmmmmm…Om Namah Shivaya…Hare Krishna…

What meltdown? We are in the Steinberg Lounge discussing a topic.

I’m just explaining my point of view about what I believe an appropriate amount of customer oriented communication should be. And I thought the conversation about the topic was civil with all participants explaining their point of view too.

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I agree. Life without the Hub isn’t the same anymore. You allways have a feeling that you are missing some info.

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When a company has nothing to add, what point would there be to saying- “problem still there, we’re still aware of it”?

None in my opinion.

Agreed, none, if they posted what you listed.

But if they stated something like this…
“The troubleshooting effort with Microsoft is progressing and we are currently in the quality assurance stage.” or “Our attempts to fix this snafu has, so far, proven to be fruitless. We have given up all hope to fix this issue and the next CB software update will contain a patch that eliminates the hub altogether (for Windows users only).” would be very informing

Of course I’m kidding on the 2nd one but, something like the first one, in my opinion would be informative as it sheds some light on the progress of the fix. Saying nothing is just that. Nothing. Saying something is… at least something.

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Steinberg has never, never been good at communication. One of the strangest companies I have encountered in that departement.

PS. The “always online” shit has nothing to do in a DAW IMO. Making it even more susceptible to bugs/quirks from even more sources.
Lucky me, I “hate” the hub so much as to tick it off in the prefs.

So Steinberg, just keep on blaming this or that. It is your own fault trying to be so super modern, hyper always online whatever…

Information like this should be announced somewhere that you can’t miss it IMO.

Hi Prock,

the thing is that none of those statements apply. It is as Steve said before. All we could have “communicated” so far is that “the issue is still there, nothing else to add, please re-read the KB article if you have forgotten what we said 4 weeks ago”.

Hello Luis, To me, your reply is exactly what every traditional “Technical Support” (from your signature) person would say. You and your co-workers need to think a little more like a “Customer Support” person.

I’ve learned this from 38 years working as a Technical Support Engineer (and later, TS Engineering Manager). I was head down, always working the issue. Really, giving no thought to communicating my (our) progress. It took many years for me to realize that customers want information. No matter if it is good or bad. No matter if it shows progress or not. Over time I became much better at this portion of my job. The result… delighted customers. And that’s the bottom line.

This conversation happens to be (kind of) focused on the communication about a particular issue. My opinion and statements about the lack of communication are really about Steinberg (and many other companies) in general. Companies who communicate well do better. And that’s a fact. Think about it.

BTW… I haven’t forgotten what was said 4 weeks ago in the kb article. But I, like other customers I’m sure, are just wondering what the heck has been done during those 4 weeks. If that was already communicated then we would not be having this conversation. Hey, that equals a delighted customer. :wink:

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Unlike what SteveInChicago says, even if there is no news to report, keeping open communication between user and developer is very important. At the very least the user knows that Steinberg is aware of the issue.

I often refer to a obvious bug in the drum editor a few years ago. The thread had well over a hundred replies and not one post from a Steinberg moderator or representative over a period of several weeks. There was total silence from Steinberg. I even sent a PM to a moderator asking for a comment on the issue. There was no reply. I finally sent a technical support request and the reply was that they knew about it, and it would be fixed.

How hard would it had been had someone from Steinberg simply comment on this this thread that went on for weeks and had over a hundred posts? NDA? Hardly. Even just an acknowledgement would have been nice. I will guarantee you PG on the Wavelab forum will reply within just a few days. Currently I get more information about Cubase from Guillermo in the Gearslutz forum than here!