Have I reached the END of Cubase??!

Hi All

funniest thing.

Just using C9 (living with the GUI redraw bugs) and I’ve got to bar 346 (yes I didn’t start at bar 1 for my project) and it won’t go any further!!

the cursor is just out of sight, but I can’t drag or copy any events there and the auto-scroll won’t bring me to the cursor whatever I do! The counter goes up to this number and stops playing (though the play button is still on)

I’ve literally reached the end of Cubase!! Do I need to enable something to go beyond 346 bars these days?



end-of-Cubase.tiff (953 KB)

Project setup. Increase the length of your project.

You could draw an event with the pencil and then erase it. Now you have more bars/time…

You could increase the tempo so you got through the bars faster! LOL.