Have I set up wrong?

Good Evening All,

I have recently finally after a promotion and pay increase been able to afford to buy the Mixing desk I have always wanted.
Allen and Heath ZED R16 (PRE ZR16X-215306 serial number)
I am running on Cubase Elements 9.5
Windows 10 AMD FX 8350, 16GB DDR3 1866mhz software on SSD and VST on 2TB 7200rpm HDD RX580 Graphics.
SO I have got Cubase and windows both recognising the mixer no problems it will send audio out though right channels when i have audio channels not midi or instrument tracks. I don’t use ADATA as i don’t have any other devices that use it.
So the Console when it’s set to use faders and Pan in midi it doesn’t work. okay not essentially true it does work but at times it could be on fader 7 or 11 or even 2 or 16 it’s never the same one and never with the corresponding channel. (main output of VST)

I personally don’t think it’s a hardware issue as the device works perfectly fine it’s just this part. i haven’t access to a previous version of Cubase to confirm this theory

My firewire on PC is Native not additional card.
I have same issue with my mid-2012 MacBook Pro 13"

do you have anything I can try, I have tried the information on Allen and heaths website, and have the latest drivers.


after doing even more research I think I may have found the problem, I have attached an image detailing what each midi fader does.
Knowing this channel 7 is the volume the others are nonsense compared to what they should be doing.
I would still like to be able to edit the volume of each midi channel with each individual channel
So Now I would like to know if anyone knows how to reset the controls.
midi details.PNG

I had My ZED R16 working great in Cubase Pro 8. Was able to adjust channels 1 thru 16’s volume with the ZED’s faders, transport controls all worked great, etc. Can’t get it to work with 10 at all no matter I try. If anyone with a ZED R16 figures this out please post it here.