Have MixConsole Ch. Visibility Agents dynamically update


  1. Create several Instrument Tracks.
  2. Draw Midi Parts onto some of them, but leave some empty.
  3. Using the MixConsole Channel Visibility Agent select Show Channels For Tracks With Data
  4. The empty channels are now not visible in the MixConsole.
  5. Draw a MIDI part onto one of the empty Instrument Tracks.
  6. The channels visible in the MixConsole do not change
  7. You have to re-select the agent again in order for the newly non-empty channel to appear

Right now an Agent just changes what is displayed at the time it is executed. A better behavior would be for a Visibility Agent to remain active with a check next to it and dynamically adjust what is visible as conditions change. If it worked this way then in the above example as soon as a part was added to a track its channel would become visible in the MixConsole.