Have problem changing to new sound after recording on 1st track 2nd track plays same sound I am usin

can’t change sound after recording on 1st track want to change sound on 2nd track I am using moxf8 midi

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Imagine that none of us sits with you in front of your computer and that none of us know about any of the circumstances where your issue occurs.
Maybe you could try to elaborate on your description of the situation?

I will try /when I record a track using the sounds from my moxf8 usb chord midi to cubase it records good the problem is when I record to anew track using a different sound from my moxf8 the sound I used on the 1st track changes to the new sound I set up on the 2nd track what I am saying is the 1st track I recorded is a piano I set up 2nd track for a bass both tracks are now a bass sound

Are you using MIDI Tracks in Cubase to record on? (I’m guessing you are.)
Is your synth multitimbral? (I’m guessing it is.)
Are you setting up different sounds on different MIDI channels and matching those channels on your two MIDI tracks in Cubase?

As @mlib already hinted at: Different instruments on your moxf8 must be addressed via different MIDI channels if you want to use them simultaneously.

You have to setup your moxf8 to have the Piano patch listen to channel 1 and the bass patch to listen to channel 2. Then create two different MIDI tracks in Cubase, routing both to the moxf8 but setting one to channel 1 and the other to channel 2.

I thank both u and mlib for the suggestion I am very new at this my question is were do I setup midi channels 1 & 2 on mymoxf8 or do I have to set it up on cubase when I 1st create a song /I am going to read my moxf8 Manuel to see if it tells me were to go the Manuels r not to beginner friendly

Hmmm… hard for me to judge as I am quite used to reading technical manuals.
Here e.g. is the description for MIDI tracks in Cubase, including the MIDI channel setting.

You would have to refer to its user manual. There might be YouTube videos covering how it’s done if you’re lucky.