Have rex files sync to project in MediaBay

It’s a real pain not having rex files sync to project tempo in MediaBay.

Surely it can’t be that hard to implement since they sync to the project no problem once they are imported?

Please fix it.



+1 (all other daws can do this!)


Surely this must be an oversight?


+1 million

no its not an oversight, check forums of previous Cubase versions as we have all been asking for this for many years now. I was told this would never be fixed. I have just experienced how you can drag a REX file into the latest groove agent but what is the point if dragging the MIDI file out of it into the arrange window is at the wrong tempo?

This being fixed would really complete Cubase for me as some of the new features in Cubase are much welcomed like the Chord functions; I only updated to Cubase pro for this and nothing else really. I Still do most of my production in Ableton Live as I work a lot with REX files and Cubase is still the only DAW that doesn’t play to project tempo. Quite weird really as it was one of the first DAW’s to be born.

Maybe if more people request this function they may implement it therefore I will ask in the requests section and advise everyone else to do the same.

Oh I am in the requests section lol, working REX file support in the Media bay please :slight_smile: