Have some questions about trial of C7


I finally got around installing cubase 7 (the trial at least) on my studio pc and boy must I say that I’m finally relieved that some stuff is resolved and cleaned up. Especially the max/Min window problem whenver you were working maximized and you needed a key editor or mixer. It’s cool that everything stays aligned now. When I saw this “at a glance” EQ Ithought it was merely a gadget but it turns out to be very functional for first pases. The real analysis I feel has still to be done in the channel edit (or plugins or whatever).

I had to totally fix up the vst plugin information directories though, because it didn’t seem to import that from my cubase 6.5 build. I have lot’s of custom dirs in that matter because I sometimes use jbridge for certain very old plugins and earlier cubase bridges didn’t like peas mixed with porrage and used to crash alot. This seems to have been streamlined also a bit .

So the questions I have now are as follow,

Can you still hide midi channels ? Maybe a silly one but I don’t really see it at a glance. I’ve got a visual impairment and I always remained with cubase because it it’s the one sequencer i’m used to. Learning another would just simply be painstakingly slow for me , as if I had to start over. Luckily cubase has retained much of the look/Feel and improved on it with a more relieving set of interface/background colors, EXCEPT for the mixer which is totally revamped. But I have the feeling it’s for the better. Yet some obvious things I don’t find anymore, like hiding midi channels and I’d like to have some other colors for vsti’s than masters, now it all looks the same.

Another question: I’ll buy this most certainly at the end of the trial product. I already done quite a few configuration changes. But do I have to completely reinstall it with a “bought” version ? If I download it, (as upgrade from 6.5), can’t I just receive my key and activate it in elicenser with the trial version ?

Also Can i then update the trial version to 7.0.3 ?

anyone ?


You can select which channel types to display by clicking on the Channel Types selector on the Mix Console toolbar (see p 180 of the manual). Now I’ve got used to this I do prefer it to the old way.

I’m still on the trial version and have upgraded it to 7.0.3 with no problems. I think you can just buy the full version and use the licence code without downloading again, but I might go for a clean installation anyway.


ah great… and thx:) PLayed a bit more with the mixer and I must say it seems a bit more userfriendly and flexible if you know all the buttons to press ofcourse.