Have the time of the vendors come and gone (or going)?

Aloha guys,

While reading a thread on (pre) ordering C7.5 the thought occurred.

Will we even need vendors in the coming years?

With more and more on-line purchases and UPS/Fedx type deliveries,
in the near future, what would be a vendors function/purpose?

I can still see the need/want of local vendors for face-to-face
person to person negotiations but on-line vendors?

Not sure.



Aloha, Curteye,
I would have said that there’s always a place for a storefront, but I admit that the last guitar I bought was on the internet. That was sort of a line crossed for me. I never ever thought I would do that, and I am quite happy with the guitar. So, no question it’s all changing, and it will be hard for storefront vendors to survive.

I still like to walk into town and have the banter with sales guys I’ve bought from over many years. we play the game of haggling, both knowing where the price will end up. then they chuck in little extras (6 patch cables for £1 ed, there you go!). so I try to give them the business where I can. a lot of what I buy now is software though, and direct downloads from America which is usually cheaper than UK pricing. then you have Thomann who are usually very fast delivery from Germany to Scotland and give 3 year guarantee. I bought a preamp off them and it failed within a week of the end of the 3 year period. i’d forgotten about their terms, but it worked as advertised. I just put the unit in a box with a printed freepost label and they repaired and sent back, all for free. so I think there are good reasons for having traditional shops AND online retailers. hope both can survive. ed