Have they fixed the really old top bar for Windows?

I didn’t buy because I had to include Cubase inside a topbar “window”

A window inside a window

Really odd

It seems this feature has been requested for years and years.

I would buy the software if they fix this. Anybody knows if Steinberg has actually responded to this??

Why they haven’t done this?
Have they said yes/no?
Have they even responded?

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The menu is a dedicated “window” at this moment. All other windows are independent. It’s kind of Mac style also on Windows.

You can download Cubase Trial which you can use without limits for 30 days and try if you like the style.

Yeah I tried it
99.9% of applications don’t do that
Really truly didn’t like it

No. It’s awful.

Yep, it’s a mess.

Why? I can’t see why it is do offensive. I don’t even notice it. Then again I’m not doing a load of other things while working on projects. I do thrm on another computer.


There is nothing to fix. It works as specified.

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Why they can’t give us the option?
Why is this problem ignored?

No other software that I know of uses this Mac OS like bar

I cannot assign it with other programs that combine applications in tabs
I cannot minimize correctly
And try using this in 3 monitors

Give me a break
“Work as expected”

There is a tendency for modern Windows software to ignore Windows built-in windowing and menu systems. Developers think they can do better and waste half their time re-inventing the wheel.
Cubase, DaVinci, Corel’s Painter and PaintShop Pro, and also Kontakt and IKM stuff with their ramshackle menus, &tc, &tc.
If I remember correctly, Cubase’s windowing system was a response to user requests, around the time of V7.

There is this “feature” which I think needs to be addressed:

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That’s what makes it so worrying.
My computer isn’t used exclusively for Cubase. Try working with multiple windows open and switching / alternating between them. If that’s as specified then something is seriously wrong with the specifications.

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Considering the mess that is Windows UI SDKs today and the fact that even Microsoft is completely inconsistent in their use of their own SDKs, that’s not really surprising unfortunately.

So has Cubase given a response yet?
Have they responding or is it just us talking between us?

Agree, this is really messy. Would prefer a normal window like on any other application out there as well.

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I hated it and was always critical about it but now,
it actually works for me as I use a multi desktop environment.
It allows me to open windows on other desktops so one doesn’t have to drag and drop and align etc… as the bar goes across the desktops.
Outboard channels on 1 mon, arranger on the next and mixers as needed.
I’m worried if they change it now that it’ll kill this workflow for anyone that uses it similarly.

But it’s more a question if “Has Steinberg” ever officially responded?

It doesn’t matter if you like it or not.
You are not all of us.
Cubase is not following any good UX practice

Another annoying thing is imho when opening 2 projects simutlaneously. The first project window gets somehow smaller and shifts in position, while the second one will be displayed fullscreen. Why would I want that?

Just for my own curiosity: Do you have an example of a Windows software that, like Cubase, runs multiple windows “inside” its application? I’d like to have a look. Dialog boxes, though technically windows, don’t apply of course.
MS Office used to be such a software but they changed their window management a long time ago.

So Cubase has never responded to this?
Specially for a software company with all this years I’m afraid they have millions of lines of code :man_technologist:t2:
I don’t know if they’ll ever do it

Can we please have an official reply?

Unlikely. Steinberg’s disposition, as I understand it, is that this is a user forum for users.
On occasion a staff member will pop in and post in the Cubase forum but I’ve never seen one where they would confirm or deny an upcoming feature or change.

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