Have they quit posting updates in forum?

As the title says. For those of us that don’t use the hub I had no clue the 8.3.10 update came out. I noticed the same thing happened when Cubase 10 came out. Not a peep about either on the forum from Steinberg employees/moderators. Our studio computers are kept offline so even if we ran the hub still wouldn’t know there was a Nuendo update.

You mean this?


Right at the very top of this forum, posted December 6.

But the Nuendo update first appeared Dec. 5th … before that was posted. That was posted one day after my message.

If you had looked you would have noticed that I posted my topic one day before when it was showing up in the download manager but not in the forum. I created the topic to see if Steinberg was going to stop posting update info on the forum. Just a simple question. Should have known better than to post a topic here.

Moderators please delete this thread. Thank you.

Must be a geographic issue as your date of posting is also the 6th to me. No offense meant, enjoy your day!