Have to admit this new MIDI import feature from a “competitor” IS pretty slick...

…though I am now firmly in the Dorico camp, which overall has many more superior features. Having said that, I’m curious anyone’s thoughts on it (and also on the prospect of Dorico eventually adding their own - I’m guessing ultimately more elegantly implemented - solution to some of the problems this is addressing?):


Best -

Impressive. This workflow would be a perfect match for Dorico.

We’ve been planning a similar feature for many years (ever since we saw Notation Switchblade by Audio Impressions, which I don’t think is available any more, but which aimed to do the same thing, transforming a MIDI file into a MusicXML file you could open in your scoring software); but we’ve not yet had a chance to implement it. However, you can certainly expect something like it in the future, when we get to it.


That’s great news.

Does Sibelius include a MIDI Clipboard? I’ve just noticed (or re-discovered) that Finale can copy and paste MIDI to the OS general Pasteboard, so that it can easily share data with other apps having the same functionality.

It might be nice if Dorico added MIDI Pasteboard functionality. I’ve just written a MIDI player app, and it was just a few lines to put MIDI on the pasteboard, so that Finale could paste it in!