Have to be Found (first cubase project)

First project over a year ago and only just getting back into it. New and better stuff to follow soon.

Really like this track…should be on a Pink Floyd album…definitely some timing issues goin on though…letting the track down…needs tightening up…Kevin

Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking. :sunglasses:

Nice, I like the mix. Sounds like PF indeed :slight_smile:
The bass could use a little bit more bottom I think?

Thanks for the comments. I’ve had the ‘Floyd’ comparisons before. I didn’t set out to do that, it just turned out that way. Was my first attempt in more than 20 years. Think the timing thing was actually a “drop out”. Think it happens a couple of times throughout the track. Was using EZdrummer so it should have been spot on. Only noticed it myself after uploading to youtube. As for the bass, yes I agree now. (not listening to my friend again) it does need a bit more bottom. Hard to get it right sometimes when played on a keyboard. But hey, I appreciate the criticism. It’s fuel to improve.

Love what I’m hearing from you guys too. Some great piano playing in there Bane. And love By Design Mix 2 and the others Strophoid. You both might be interested in this. This is my Mum. Quite well known down here in Melbourne (Aust) The famous ‘bag lady’. This is her own compostion. I just missed the beginning of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxB4SiAQnOs

Wow @ the video. Pretty nice, knew before I looked that I was hearing a Yamaha piano no doubt.

Nice job. Agree about the timing and the bass. Cool video!

Thanks. The video was just made with Windows Movie Maker and a Logitech pro 9000. It was fun doing it and syncing it up. And even that’s not perfect but a good learning experience for doing a better one next time. (when I get around to it)

Yup… Floyed-esque for sure. :sunglasses: Nice track.
Mix sounds a little too roomy to me though… but I guess that’s a personal taste and preference thing.

Oh… and that vid of your mum … :astonished:

My mother’s a professional singer too, I guess there’s some inheritance involved :slight_smile:

She tried to pass on her talent to me as a pianist but I took up the guitar instead. If I had half her talent I’d be 10 times better than I am now.

Wow lol, your mum has some chops! Good going with those arpeggios :sunglasses:

I’m not familiar with the band Pink Floyd, but I can at least from some memories of something identify it as sounding in that kind of genre. I thought the guitars and stuff sounded good, vocals a little quiet, they get buried in the mix a little because of lack of volume. Good going for not having done anything or much for a long time. If you enjoy it keep going with more songs :smiley:

Thanks Jonathan. Yeah this mixing thing is becoming quite a challenge for me. I have another song on the forum (Hoping you won’t get in my Way). A slow blues number. Since posting I have remixed it a dozen times, and still not sure I got it right. Just need a little more experience I guess. Will eventually get better at it. Getting the bass right seems the thing I’m struggling with. Maybe if I played it on a bass guitar instead of a keyboard? Time will tell. Yeah, my mum is quite a talent. Again, thanks for your comments.


I think this video will help you. It’s about orchestra samples and using a midi keyboard, but the approach is the same for any virtual instrument in regard to the idea that you should be putting yourself in the mind of the instrument you’re trying to recreate. When I am writing string parts I’ll be putting myself in the mind of that player, using vibrato how they do (vibrato amount is controlled by the mod wheel for my string library independently from expression/velocity.) I find this helps a lot. Although I don’t record everything in at once like he does. I prefer drawing the CC1/11 data in with the pen/curves because I’m not so experienced with piano to perform it. Additionally when writing for an instrument like strings I have a visual image in my head of how the players use vibrato and that seems to have helped me and that’s just one aspect of the performance, but I hope you see the kind of mindframe from the example :smiley:

If I’m writing bass for a pop kind of project I’ll try to put myself in that feel and I usually cut notes a little short rather than sustain them until the next one hits because in that style the rests are just as important as the notes, for example.

But yeah, it’s all just experience and practice and a journey we all take and hopefully continue to take and never complete :stuck_out_tongue: Hope the video helps a bit in even a small way. Sometimes it’s better to scrap music. I’ve written a lot of music where I get a minute or more in and end up scrapping it and moving on. It happens less now than when I first started of course.

Jonathan, your stuff is just fantastic. Thanks for the vid, interesting. I appreciate your comments. I hope to expand on this one https://soundcloud.com/matting-1/come-tomorrow at some time. Very basic but I might be able to do something with it down the track. I’m not set on any style at the moment, just…experimenting I guess. Cheers

Good song!

The recording and mix could use some work, however. I am also hearing many timing errors, not in the drums, but, for example, the strumming in the acoustic is off in places. I think the bass part, although not necessarily off as far as timing goes, is coming off as not being rhythmically tight, if that makes sense. I think that part could just be simplified.

Also… there’s a kind of pseudo-monaural thing going on. Was that your intention? That approach can be very effective, it can lend a sort of density to a track. But, you have other elements, like the guitars at the end, panned wide, so I’m assuming it was NOT your intent. I think the chief culprits here are the overdriven guitar, which sounds very narrow and panned center, and the drums, which don’t seem to have any space around them. I think this good song could go to a entirely different level if you could get it to sound BIG ( which is not necessarily the same thing as “loud”).

(I tried to listen again, but the thin kept buffering. Weird, I had no problems the first time I played it)

Lastly… it seems the entire tune is a bit on the dull side as far as frequency goes. Not sure what to suggest here. I don’t think it’s my hearing :laughing: But it MAY be. It might be an mp3 coding issue

Keep up the good work :sunglasses: