Have to buy new laptop cheep but good enough

Can anybody tell what parameters are most important for a new laptop (PC) to run Cubase 10 on?
I know the next:
RAM at least 16 GB
SSD enough to store the Cubase on
Windows at least 10
And so… are there other important parameters?
Thank you in advance!

The system requirements are at the bottom of this page

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The more cores, the better. Graphics card doesn’t matter, though – built-in/integrated/shared graphics is fine.
And currently, in general, you get more cores per dollar with an AMD CPU than with an Intel CPU.
That being said – does it have to be a laptop? You may get more performance for your dollar with a desktop.

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Also on a laptop pay extra attention to the minimum screen size requirement.

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Thank you Raino! :slight_smile:

Thank you Jwatte :slight_smile: