Have to click on MIDI fader otherwise it's playback is too s

Hi - right after I updated my ur28M drivers yesterday in prep for W10, the project I was working on had the MIDI piano attenuated by 12-24 dBFS, I would guess.

All I had to do to fix it was click on a MIDI fader, but the problem recurs every time I open the same project.

Anyone else with similar issues?


Are you sure the MIDI Message Volume (CC7) has nit been send while loading the project?

Hi Martin - Thank you for your answer!

I would not think so, since the project worked just fine prior to updating the UR28M driver (and also updating the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver for the Motif synth), but I will check.

Where would I check … in the automation lane?



It would be interesting to know, what MIDI value is sent. Is it 100? This is the default value. What is the very 1st MIDI CC7 value in your track? Or what is the Fader value?

Still not at DAW, but I can tell you fader value was around 30-35.

I just had to click on the fader once, and the MIDI piano increased in volume to the level it sounded before updating the UR28m driver.

Once you click the Fader, the MIDI Message CC7 is sent (with the current position Value. This is the reason, why I’m looking for any previous message sent.

Btw: is it the MIDI Track, right? Or an I strument Track…?

[EDIT: I figured it out! The two MIDI tracks were set to the same MIDI channel, but had different Fader values. I could click on one Fader and adjust the loudness of the other track, and vice versa. I guess that is normal behavior? In any case, I know what the problem is, and how to work around it. Thanks for your help! Can skip the below if you wish, I’m leaving it up just in case I need to refer to it again later.]


Hi Martin,

I am writing this real time as I trouble-shoot.

  1. Yes - MIDI track, not instrument.

  2. I checked the Project Browser immediately after opening. There are no CC messages at the beginning of the project. Only Velocity and aftertouch. And the “CC7 Main Volume” automation lane is empty.

  3. The Fader immediately after opening is set to 59. Piano sounds too soft.

  4. I clicked the fader - the MIDI piano immediately got louder to where I think I mixed it at. Nothing else changed, regarding all the things I mentioned above.

  5. If I close down the project and reopen, we are back to step 2 again - sounds too soft. Occurs whether I resave before closing down or not.

These steps are reproducible.


I’m glad you found the solution. Yes, this is the issue. If you route two MIDI Tracks to the same Channel (the same MIDI Port) both are sharing the sama data like CCs Values, Program Changes, etc. This is useful when you want to put Drums to multiple tracks (Bass Drum, Snare, Hi-Hat, etc.).

Great info, thanks again, Martin!