Have to load my preferences at every launch (Mac)

This has always been true for me on the Mac, and is still true on V7.

Is it just me? Nuendo does not launch with the preferences that were loaded when it quit. You must reload your preferences every time you launch. This is not like any other program on the Mac. Frustrating.


I don’t know if it’s just you… but it’s definitely not me. :slight_smile:

I’m on a Mac and have never had this issue. FWIW…


That’s annoying. Does not happen here.

Oh that’s crazy. Happens on multiple machines for me, even after system upgrades… Not a permissions issue…
Any ideas?

Just shooting in the dark…a wild guess…kinda
Are there other users on the same system ?
It happened to me on a few occasions where in my studio and two other places I work at some operators leave on their presets.
I now carry my elicenser and prefs/key commands/plugins with me, and spend a few minutes to setup.