Have to nudge Midi fader

Still pretty new to CB5. So far any midi stuff has been dealt with by creating “Instrument” tracks with no problem.
But since using the 16bit HSO trial I’ve started trying to do things “properly” by creating midi tracks.
The problem:
I have several midi tracks going into HSO. I’ll get a rough working mix of the HSO tracks and when finished I’ll hit “save” and close, but when I reopen that same project everything is fine…except the HSO tracks, which, level-wise, are completely screwed. However, if I then “nudge” the midi fader of each track then the level corrects. The faders don’t actually move, but something internal is going on.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?


CB5 5.5.2 build 637
Win 7 64bit

Are you saying you adjust volume via the MIDI track’s fader? Why aren’t you using Halion’s Instrument track fader?

May be a Chase Events issue or even Reset On Stop or the like.

Aaaahh, Yes, I have been adjusting volume using the midi track fader. I get the feeling that’s wrong :blush:
Since reading your post I’ve played around with the HSO instrument tracks - now it’s starting to make sense…I think :confused:
Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.