Have UR-RT2, love it! But i'd like to add something for more live effects

While the interface has a decent dsp chip and some good basic effects (channel strip eq/compressor & reverb send/return) that I use for the zero latency monitoring, i’d like to expand on the effects capability. I would like to add delay and doubling type capability. Effects that will fatten up the vocal sound a bit and make it sit more up front in my live streaming mix. My initial thought was connecting the output of the UR-RT2 into an effects unit of some type but i’m not sure as the interface outputs to the laptop via usb. My usage is mostly be for live streaming (singing along with music tracks) and some recording where I don’t want to spend allot of time tweaking/production in a DAW. I’ve tried the VST plugins through the DAW route for live streaming into OBS Streamlabs and while it sounds great, the latency (even at 64 samples) that software processing adds means this solution is not really workable for me.

If anyone has suggestions or advice on some type of connection of my interface to some type of hardware effects unit for monitoring and live streaming, it would be much appreciated. Thank you! :grinning:

Hi Chris
I think the simplest and cheapest solution would be one of those vocalist pedals. I know TC has a bunch of different ones, can’t recommend a specific one but it’s super cheap compared to an interface with the capabilites you want built in.

Thanks Strummer. Yeah I’ve researched those a bit. It’s just weird (and maybe i’m used to equipment from 20 years ago) to think of something like a foot pedal having decent enough quality for vocals. They seem to get decent reviews though.