Have Windows Preview display a Project's Notepad

While this is Windows specific, I’d guess there is something similar for Mac.

Currently when you look at a .cpr file in Windows File Explorer with the Preview Pane enabled you get a message saying no preview is available. How about instead it shows whatever is in the Project’s Notepad. Could really improve the ability to stay organized, especially for Projects without proper names yet.

And for extra credit, there are several requests asking to include other stuff besides text in the Notepad… Hint, hint

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That is an awesome idea. I would go even further and add basic project data such as project length, tempo and time signature, number of tracks and so on.
I do wonder if such a feature wouldn’t have to be supported by the OS though.

Yeah, but I believe Windows already does this. It’s the file itself which needs to specify what & how to show the preview and pass that on to Windows.

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Well, not exactly but close enough. It’s the connected app that needs to have a preview handler embedded (just a COM) and decide what to send to windows for previewing, be it text, audio, a picture. So yes, totally valid and doable feature request.

If one doesn’t properly name a project (which is my case too) I wonder if he would get into the “trouble” of writing notes :slight_smile:

As a side note, I use my own browser for cpr files, but it’s nowhere near to be a fast method since it involves creating a mix in mp3 in which I’m storing the necessary (for me) info in its tags. I think I’ve said that before in another thread, and I’m not sure whether it would be useful to share it.

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I suppose a preview could even play back a short section of a Project by rendering that section in the background when saving a Project.

Sure thing. There can be options in the preferences for what to choose, be it a cycle or some seconds from the start or whatever.

Now, the mediaBay already covers the option to browse for project files, and by having custom tags or even a content summary there, we can always have some type of “text” preview.

Here’s an example:

But then I don’t see a preview option for projects. In fact, since I like previews for projects and sounds, I think this might be a good addition at some point. Here’s a thread I opened specifically for vst presets, but I find the case identical: