Have You Experienced This With Cubase ?


i m having a problem with rewiring fl studio into cubase. I followed the instructions carefully and exactly as stated via fl studio help manual as well as the cubase manual. And nothing seems to work.

Here is my issue, after setting up the rewire, cubase is not looping the existing fl studio project correctly (or a fresh project for that matter), after the end of the last bar there s a tiny gap of silence before it loops back to the beginning of the first bar. Also, every time I load FL studio into cubase, the default tempo becomes 140, Even though the saved project file was at 128. however, The main concern is the lack of a perfect loop, This is extremely difficult to compose.

The only thing I can get successfully working is both software s to share the audio card, Other than that, the rewire process is not working successfully whatsoever.

Moreover, I followed the exact re-wiring instructions found on page 680 from the operation manual from cubase. and still no luck

Thank you for your time, and thank you in advance, I hope I can get this resolved with your help

with kind regards,