Have you guys seen the new pro 8! Affortable!

Looks to me like that have just piled on some more stuff without fixing the basic problems. I have compared only one project but I read on this forum that there would be improved load times but, if so, only slightly. I found that 8 consumes slightly more cpu sitting idle than 7.5 did. This is important because it uses a lot of cpu. Because of that, I have to freeze tracks a lot and freeze does not seem to have changed one bit. Each track has to be frozen, unfrozen individually with the same clunky interface that for reasons unknown locks unfrozen tracks adding yet another step to the process. Some way to freeze and unfreeze multiple tracks is really needed both because of the monkey motions involved and, with multiple processors, freezing in parallel should be faster than doing it sequentially. I judged the instrument rack to be unusable so I don’t use it but superficially it doesn’t seem to have changed, either. It is now displayed by default. It is easy to get rid of but they actually seem to be proud of it and want to stick it down your throat. I am afraid 8 is a bust and I will just use 7.5 until I can find something better.