Having 2 eLicenser dongle, 2 different computers and 1 Cubase Pro license

Hi all, hope you’re doing well!

So I’ve just bought Cubase 11 from a local music store in my area, I did not know a dongle was included in the box so right now I have two USB dongle.
I’m using a Mac Pro as a workstation for my studio and I also have a Macbook Pro for traveling which in some cases I would make music on the road.
Now I’m wondering if I could transfer my Cubase license to another existing dongle that I own so I could have it for my laptop? So that I don’t have to plug and unplug the one having Cubase license having first activation before. Of course I won’t be running Cubase on two different computers simultaneously.
I know Steinberg is having a new licensing method which fits 100% my situation at the moment but if there was a workaround like having same license on two different dongle that I own then that would be great.

Huge appreciation for your help, and have a great day!

Steinberg customer,

You have to deactivate it from one dongle and reactivate it to the other one every time. Is a pain in the ass, will be easier to just use just one and update to cubase 12 when will be available with a new license system without the dongle