having 2 or 3 mr816s connected--does sample rate drop?

I’m planning on getting two mr816s then eventually a 3rd…in any instance of having 2 or 3 units, does the sample rate drop from 96?

Hello Tito,

you can use 2 of the MR816 at 88,2 / 96 kHz. With 3 you will drop to at least 48 kHz.

Please keep in mind that you have 32 channels (ADAT incl.) that you can use at 96 kHz with 2 MR816. So you could connect a 3th or 4th device by ADAT



remember though that until the new firmware is here, the slaved 816’s do not follow sample rate changes from the master automatically so you’ll have to re-plug each one in by firewire discretely every time you want to change the sample rate.


Also remember you can’t use the direct monitoring feature on more than 1 at a time through the firewire daisy-chain and the work arounds are not entirely satisfactory.

I have multiple MRs & can only ever get 24 ch @ 96k. At 96k ADAT only allows 4 ch per lightpipe.
How do you achieve 32 ch @ 96k?