Having a blast!

I tried out the SE version of Dorico and I was quite impressed.

I’m a bit of a neophyte when it comes to wrangling written music. Although I played instruments and read music as a child, most of what I have been pdo is rearranging midi in Cubase and Sonar. I though it would be fun to add a piano part and I found a score with just that. I took my time putting it into Dorico - and I managed to pick up a work flow quite quickly. - Kudos to Steinberg for coming up with an easy, holistic system for entry and navigation in the program.

I’m hooked.

After I finished inputting the score - I decided to try and add a guitar into the mix. It went easy, as I had the chords from the score. Next I figured out to do chord inversions by simply grabbing a top note and ctr-alt-down arrow. Maybe for the pros this is nothing new, but for newbie me, what a joyful revelation! I was never trained in the larger of theory - what I know is from self study.

I’m going to go further with it once I whip the rhythm guitar into shape; maybe add another instrument. Maybe another yet.

Working with notation is turning out to be way easier at the composition stage - it’s just to easy to cut and paste something from a section and then tweak it to the part.

So yeah, I bought elements while it was still on sale. Mucho happy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you’re enjoying digging in SuperG, sounds great!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, SuperG. Really pleased to hear you’re enjoying Dorico!