Having a dynamic both before the beat and on the beat

Finding my way around the program – lots of things to like and lots of things to anticipate liking. I am experimenting with inputting a relatively simple piece and the attached measure has me stumped. I need mp>p, then a breath mark at the barline, and then pp on the first note of the following measure.

I’ve input the breath mark as close to where it should go as I can – it would be great for commas to have an “attach to barline” option like fermatas. Then input mp>p and changed the “p” beat-relative position to “before” which makes that work, BUT as soon as I try to add the pp to the downbeat, it disappears. I realize the idea might be that a note can only have one dynamic, but… obviously this is a situation that comes up plenty (a dim. or cresc. to one dynamic, then a new dynamic on the following note). You can see in the GIF below. Is there a solution for this?


I should maybe add that I realize I could attach the “p” to the half-note A and then manually drag it to the right in engrave mode, OR I could attach the pp to the F# 32nd-note and change it to “before” – but both of those are decidedly not semantic choices, which I think is what we’re supposed to be going for. So maybe my post is just a vote towards allowing a note to have at least two dynamics, one “before” and one “after” the beat.

Yes, it should be possible to have a dynamic both on and before the beat. Dorico tries to be helpful and to keep grouping dynamics together, and it thinks that – since the dynamic before the beat is technically at the same rhythmic position as one on the beat – it should replace the former with the latter, which is not right. We’ll get to this soon, I hope.