Having a hard time with the HSSE Timpani

It’s either too soft, or loud but without the nice “boing” reverby action. I can’t seem a middle ground.

Any suggestions? … up to and including the thought of buying a sample Cd or downloading?


Aloha a,

As you know when it comes to sounds
YMMV and to each his own, but personally,

I find the tympani sound in HSSE (and Halion Sonic) to be not very good at all.
It sounds like a high school tympani drum sound.
(and it sounds to my ears like the same sample is used in both plugs).

Even my NI tymp sound ain’t all that great.
For that reason I am still using my 32 bit SampleTank tympani patch.

Sorry Steiny. IMHO You blew this one.

I have to agree.

Thank you, gents.

Any suggestions re: how I can most efficiently get a sound or patch? Wouldn’t want to buy a whole new equivalent of HSSE (is that what Sampletank is?), but could see spending a few $$ on a sample source by CD or online.

Why post here and not the VST forum? :confused: