Having a Problem with lags and freezing Dropdown Menus in Cubase

As stated in the title I have a problem with almost all dropdown menus inside Cubase 12.0.50 Build 387 (although the problem did not appear in this version.) I’m having problems with this since I switched from a Mac to a Windows PC. Didn´t had this problem with Mac although I used Cubase 7.5 back then, I upgraded to 12 after getting a new PC.

The Problem always appears if I open a lot of Midi notes and/or Tracks either in the Midi editor or Score Editor (or both). although I can open more notes in the midi editor.
But every time I open apparently “too much” generally every dropdown menu (articulation, file, edit … and so on) starts to lag, doesn´t show the options just a white box or it shows the options but I can´t hover over them or select them (sometimes it takes a while but sometimes it takes forever (I tested it and let it hover over an option for about 10 min but still no reaction). Sometimes the normal dropdown menus from Cubase like File and Edit still work but every time at least the Articulation dropdown menu inside the Midi editor doesnt work, just a white box, or unselectable.
If the Dropdown menu lags or stops working like that I can push the windows button and it seems to cancel the dropdown window, simply clicking some where else on the screen or in Cubase doesn’t work (could be that it works but the delay is just so high that it’s equal to a freeze)

Now I run a rather big Project with about 80+ VST instruments (EastWest Instruments - Opus)
with all kinds of Orchestral instruments and a around 35min Composition in Midi data. My CPU usage is with this Project around 20%-34% (depending on what I do atm) my RAM usage is at 37%.
Now I thought it might be too much for my PC when I open the Score editor but I checked the CPU% doesn’t increase, memory load doesn’t increase, GPU load doesn’t increase and VRAM also doesn’t increase, so no visible change.
I tested it with different Sample Buffers for my Audio Interface and tried the general audio driver but it didn´t change anything.
The Problem doesnt appear in smaller Projects of mine, but still I thought my PC should be able to handle a bit of Midi and Score data. (no real change if the Project is running (play) or idle.)

I have a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (12-Core), 64 GB Ram, and a Geforce GTX1650. I use Windows 10. The Specs should be enough I think.

Did anyone have this Problem before and knows a solution?
Thanks in advance for any hint on how to fix it.

I don’t know how to fix it, but I can suggest troubleshooting in the direction the graphics adapter. The symptoms you describe seem related to graphics, and I’ve read that certain Nvidia driver versions are better for this use than others.

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