Having a problem with two plugins Sontec and Center One

I am on a windows 10 machine. Running WL 11.2. 20 gigs of memory.
I do a lot of audio tape restorations so I use the plugins Sontec from Metric Halo and Center One from Leapwing audio. If I use them together and then try and bring them up as a saved preset WL freezes and then closes. This is on the EDIT window. Any ideas as to why these two plugins used together should crash WL 11.2??? Thanks in advance!!!

I guess it is the Leapwing Center One. No matter what I pair it up with it crashes WL 11.2 when I try and open it as a preset.

What can I do to solve this problem short of having to put CenterOne in the plugin chain every time I need it and taking it out before I close WL? Thanks in advance!!! I am in the process of contacting Leapwing.

I am never sure why WL has so many problems with VST plugins…